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How can I make sure PTO Poker is right for me before making a big commitment?

Book a free 30-minute consultation call! This will give you a chance to explain your unique poker situation and goals and make sure I am the right coach to help you. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel, sample my past sessions with other students, or try out the free and low-cost individual videos before committing to either private coaching or the full PTO Poker 101 course.

What types of players do you coach and how quickly can they expect to see improvement?

I work with a wide range of players including professionals, semi-pros, and beginners who are still learning the rules. My students play live poker, online poker, cash games, and tournaments and are of all ages and genders. The one common link is that they are all passionate about improving at No Limit Hold’em. While I cannot guarantee success, among my students that put in the required work in between our sessions, nearly all of them were happy with their results once their data samples were large enough to overcome initial variance. And many students reported feeling more confident with their poker thought processes and overall approach after just 2-3 sessions.

Why should I choose PTO Poker over well-known poker companies?

The same reason that many people choose to invest their money with boutique firms over large banks/brokerage houses: personalization and customization. Rather than teaching a one-size-fits-all poker curriculum, I develop a program that is uniquely fit for each student.

In addition, a lot of well-known coaches and poker training companies are currently so focused on technical strategy that they neglect teaching some of the most important financial and emotional skills. PTO Poker offers a comprehensive program that helps people with bankroll management, mental game enhancement, and mentorship in addition to technical strategy. The program is effective for different types of learners and those with differing budgets. Ultimately, my goal is to help students build skills that will make them better poker players, and as a bonus these skills will also serve them in many other areas of their lives.

How are your coaching sessions structured?

Each session is for one hour over Zoom. Sessions are highly customizable based on student priorities, but some of the most common activities include hand review using Flopzilla, GTO Wizard, and PioSolver, strategy lectures, mental game preparation, online poker session observation, bankroll planning, and metagame discussions.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies across the different services. Six free instructional videos exist, and the lowest-cost option is to buy single instructional videos for $10-$20. Bundles of 6 videos are offered for $99, and the entire 30-video PTO Poker 101 Course is being offered for less than a $1/2 buy-in at $299. 

Private coaching is $250/hour, and while a single session is a great way to test out whether my program is the right fit, this hourly rate is much lower for those choosing custom packages. The custom packages start as low as $500, depending on your selected features, but given the longer time commitment involved, the hourly rate is usually closer to $100-$150. The free consultation call is a great way to customize a coaching package that is right for you. 

How does payment work?

Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle are all accepted, or you can pay via credit card on this website. Additionally, you have the option to pay hourly (lowest up-front commitment) or through a monthly package (best value). 


For individual sessions, all payment is due before the sessions begin. For monthly packages, clients can pay upfront or with a payment plan. To reschedule an individual session or cancel it and receive a refund, a 24-hour notice before the start time is required. Similarly, a 24-hour notice is required before the first session of a coaching package begins to either reschedule the session or receive a refund for the package.

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