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"I'm a much better player now."

"Whether or not I want to focus on cash or tournament play, Joel has the ability to shift gears as I want to shift gears. I could not be more happy about the progress I've seen with my win rate. Thanks Coach Joel, I'm a much better poker player now." - Colin Kampmier

"I have nothing but the highest praise for Coach Joel."

"Coach Joel gives a great framework for understanding why you do things and also solutions to help you, almost like a toolkit, that you can reach into when you are going through those tough situations."

-David Paredes

"It made all the difference!"

"Coach Joel provided me with a different mindset and strategies that I hadn't actually considered before.  Working with him also gave me a lot of confidence, which I realized in the long run was something that I was lacking. I would highly recommend working with Coach Joel to any player who wants to improve their game or move up in stakes. For me it made all the difference."

- Natasha Tatta

"He is such a competent poker coach."

"Working with Coach Joel allowed me to improve my game and correct my mistakes because he is such a competent poker coach. I can certainly say that after working with Coach Joel, I feel more comfortable at the poker table, and I'm sure I'm going to work with him again in the future because I enjoyed working with him."   

-Gianmarco Farina

“Joel is really personable, but he's also definitely a shark, and it's just a really great way to have a strong edge at the poker tables. Every time I have something on the calendar with Joel, I'm looking forward to it." - Sean Wolfe

"Joel can help players of all skills."

“Joel has in the last year helped me improve very systematically at every aspect of my game, right from things like game selection, bankroll management which I found to be critical, to hand reading to hand ranges, to strategy and playing the people game as well. This year in the last 2 months I have made over $15,000 in profit which I’ve been very happy about.” - Steve Yang

"I was in the top 7 in a WSOP event and Joel helped me a lot."

“I would highly encourage you to speak to my dear friend now, Joel, who will help you with your needs and questions. He's very patient, I really like that about him."- Jugal Daterao

"A great way to have an edge!"

"Win-rate in cash as well as tournaments is much improved."

"Overall, my actual win-rate in cash as well as tournaments is much improved. It was a very good experience with Joel. I'd highly recommend Joel - He definitely made a difference for me. "

- Joe Trezzo

"Organized all my adjustments against the player pool."

"Joel helped me a lot. If you want to improve your game and clarify all your knowledge, or to push your game, I suggest you have a coaching session with Coach Joel." - Shannan Amrani

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