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Player Theory Optimal:

GTO strategy optimized for your specific player pool.


About Coach Joel

It took me five years to successfully climb from 1/2 NLHE to 10/25 NLHE and start my own coaching practice. In that time, I learned from multiple training sites, tried various poker software programs, read over forty poker books, pursued private coaching, and spent countless hours reviewing my own hands. 

Five years may not sound like a long time to make this climb, but the reality is that it did not need to take this long. This process was stalled by the inefficiencies and disorganization of the poker training market with tons of information that cost me time and money. Trial and error always takes significantly longer than if you just have a proper guide from the beginning.

I am here to spare you this painful trial and error process. My goal is to distill everything I have learned with maximum efficiency to save you time and anguish and to make the learning process fun. I have worked with over 150 different students, many of whom have gone on to substantially increase their cash game win rates or win major tournaments. They also report feeling more confident in their abilities to make good decisions, manage stress, and lead happier lives away from the felt. If you want to move up from 1/2 NLHE to 10/25 NLHE as quickly and as enjoyably as possible, you have come to the right place.

Areas of Expertise

  • Live cash game strategy up to $10/25 NLHE

  • Online cash game strategy up to $3/6 NLHE

  • Tournament strategy

  • Mental game training

  • Bankroll planning

  • HUD data analysis

  • Study tools and poker technology

  • Pregame routine development

  • Session management

  • Poker/life balance

The Proof Is In The Payout


Coaching Samples

Check out our PTO Poker Videos

Learn core concepts through instructional videos and supplemental PowerPoint slides. For players looking to test out PTO Poker, this is the most affordable option.

"Whether or not I want to focus on cash or tournament play, Joel has the ability to shift gears as I want to shift gears. I could not be more happy about the progress I've seen with my win rate. Thanks Coach Joel, I'm a much better poker player now."

Colin Kampmier

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