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Master the Poker Mental Game Webinar Recording

Updated: May 28

We had a great group attend today's Master the Mental Game webinar. Some of the topics we touched upon were:

  • Why the mental game might be the biggest separator in poker in 2024

  • Tilt: What it is, why everyone tilts to some extent, and the most common situations where players tilt

  • How to reduce tilt and play your best game

  • How a strong mental game has major life benefits outside of poker too

  • Next steps for taking your mental game to the next level

You can find the full Master the Mental Game Webinar recording here:

The PowerPoint Deck is available here:

Master the Mental Game
Download PPTX • 872KB

PTO Poker Mental Game Resources

Lastly, some of the PTO Poker resources that we discussed for mastering the mental game can be found here:

Book a free 30-minute zoom consultation with me to discuss any mental game challenges and develop a custom curriculum:

Check out lessons 26 and 27 of the PTO Poker 101 digital course for specific mental game content:

Join the PTO Poker YouTube Channel and Watch the Mental Game Playlist:

Check out the PTO Poker Blog Article With Sample Mental Game Coaching Sessions:

These topics are just the tip of the iceberg. To go deeper and become the player you know you can be, contact Joel Wald today at or book a free 30-minute Zoom call to discuss how PTO Poker can help you achieve your poker goals!

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