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PTO Poker 101 Course Receives Strong Review

Updated: 4 days ago

Poker Pilgrims, a full-service site that offers significant resources for poker players, recently reviewed the PTO Poker 101 digital training course. The review is best summed up in one key paragraph:

"Coach Joel Wald has entered into the world of poker coaching and training with a course that achieves its aims. He is clearly trying to educate not entertain. Not that he does not present his material in an engaging way, he does. But he does so without the bluster or attempts to dazzle that some other poker content professionals seem to prioritize. Instead, Wald offers a nice roadmap to avoid the most costly pitfalls that beset many poker players. This course reminded me a bit of reading Phil Gordon’s Little Green/Blue/Gold book series in terms of its no-nonsense approach and focus on clarity and applicability."

Start PTO Poker 101 Today!

Using a Player Theory Optimal Approach to Beat Your Local Card Game

The PTO Poker 101 course was created out of a desire to help the beginner and early intermediate player navigate the numerous poker obstacles and insanely complex poker training market. It is 30 videos and 12 hours long. The goal of the course is to give anyone that wants to beat their local 1/2 or 2/5 no-limit hold'em game the tools that they need for the job. Unfortunately, way too much instructional poker content is currently geared towards rigorous, highly technical game theory optimal strategy which is not the most helpful resource for players at these levels. The course instead takes a player theory optimal approach which accounts for the situations and opponents the casual player is more likely to face. It also spends extensive time on how to how to optimize yourself as a player through mindset training and proper money management and study habits.

Low Stakes Players Should Use Other Tools Before Solvers

The classic game theory optimal training tools are poker solvers. While extremely helpful if used correctly, any player that is learning poker through solvers at the 1/2 and 2/5 NLHE levels are using the wrong tools for the job (and are most certainly in the wrong games if these tools are needed to win!). Players at the low stakes would instead be better served by learning key poker fundamentals in a logical, sequential fashion. After all, a solver never provides the rationale for why it is making a certain play. Without the proper theoretical understanding, it is way to easy to resort to rote memorization of solver output and misapply it in contexts with new variables. As the review suggests, "Coach Joel seeks to rectify these gaps in players’ early career poker training in his PTO Poker101 course. After a thorough review of his course, we are happy to say that he proves to be quite effective in doing so."

The Top Features of the PTO Poker 101 Course Include:

  • 30 logical, sequential lessons that build on each other and increase in difficulty

  • Comprehensive discussion of preflop and post-flop strategy

  • Coverage of core poker intangibles like bankroll management, game selection and mental game preparation

  • Downloadable PowerPoint slides attached to lessons that synthesize key take-aways

  • Free and low-priced ($10 and $20) videos that allow for affordable access

  • Themed 6-video bundles for players trying to address specific leaks

  • The full course sells for less than a 1-3 NLHE buy-in ($425) and is offered at $125 of savings compared to buying all 30 videos individually

The full Poker Pilgrims review can be viewed here. If you are serious about moving as efficiently and painlessly through 1/2 and 2/5 no-limit hold'em as possible, look no further than the PTO Poker 101 course. Upon completion, you'll understand why PTO trumps GTO every time.

Questions about whether PTO Poker 101 is right for you? Contact Joel Wald today at or book a free 30-minute Zoom call and discuss how PTO Poker can help you achieve your poker goals!

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