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The Mistake That Three Crazy Poker Hands Have in Common

Updated: Apr 29

There are some hands that go down at a live poker table which make you pinch yourself to confirm you aren't dreaming. I've witnessed three hands in particular that stand out as a mixture of unforgettable, hilarious, and bound to never happen again. Check them out here:

The Common Denominator Among Many Poker Mistakes

What do all of these hands have in common? Besides dim lighting, players misreading the board, players not knowing their own holdings, and collisions between unlikely hand strengths, there's one key action that pervades all three hands: Snap-decisions. Often when the biggest poker blunders are made, it's because a player snap-called or snap-folded without processing the entire situation. It's true that the player in the first hand snap-called correctly, but he did so with 4-high without even realizing his hand had been counterfeited! There are many other ends to this story where the opponent has 78o or 89s where the hand does not end as favorably for him, even though his "read was correct". Similarly, the player in the second hand snap-folded without even being aware of holding a straight-flush. And in the third hand, a player snap-jammed into a royal flush without reading the board properly.

The Importance of Taking Your Time When Making Poker and Non-Poker Decisions

There's no penalty for taking an extra couple seconds to make sure you are taking your desired action. Players that fail to do this often end up on a countdown like the video above which is similar to a SportsCenter Not Top 10. This sounds so simple to do, but it's really easier said than done. For some players, their ego pushes them towards these shows of bravado. For others, fear and adrenaline block them from processing all the variables before acting. They just aren't in sync with their own minds and emotions enough to make good decisions in the moment.

If you find yourself unable to slow down, take a pause, and make the choices that really matter to you in poker and away from the table, I am here for you. There are many training exercises that you can do to make better decisions under adrenaline and stress. If you take away just one thing from this article, remember this: Your most painful regrets often do not even come from the decision itself but from the fact that you weren't truly present while making it.

Ready to slow down and take in some new strategies and a different perspective? Book a free consultation with PTO Poker. I'll make sure you leave with valuable resources and no regrets no matter what you decide. The only way you can go wrong is by snap-folding before you give it a chance.

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