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What Does PTO Stand For?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Almost everyone who learns about PTO Poker quickly asks some variation of, “What does PTO stand for?” They are usually asking quite literally about the acronym itself. So let’s clear that up here while providing some additional context around the bigger ideas and core values that PTO really stands for.

Paid Time Off: Earn Side Income Away From Your Day Job

On the simplest and most lighthearted level, PTO stands for Paid Time Off. Poker is, after all, where most players go to have fun and try to make money after their day job has ended. PTO Poker is a company that tries to give its players the best chance of accomplishing that in the long term. The opportunity to sharpen a skill set that will allow for paid time off away from a standard day job with a boss, a set schedule, unpredictable layoffs, and many other potentially unpleasant factors can be a welcome change-up for a newly profitable player. There is a reason that the PTO Poker logo clock is set to 5 PM: For many, that is the hour when they are set free and when poker paid time off can finally begin.

PTO Poker: Paid Time Off and Player Theory Optimal

Player Theory Optimal: Apply GTO Successfully Against Your Player Pool

PTO also refers to Player Theory Optimal. Over the last 5-10 years, “game theory optimal” has been a buzzword phrase that has taken the poker community by storm. It has led to a new era of mathematically-obsessed, solver-driven poker innovations as players have raced to find the perfect, unexploitable strategy. GTO’s contributions to poker are undeniable as the new analytical rigor of the game has elevated the level of competition across the world. But at times, something gets lost with so much focus on the quantifiable and the technical. And that “something” is the player. Poker remains a strategy game played by imperfect people with fluctuating emotions and motives—it is not merely a battle among uncaring supercomputers. PTO Poker aims to give players the tools they need to compete against the actual players that are in their player pools, not just hypothetical perfect opponents. The goal is to not only optimize strategies against these real opponents but to optimize PTO Poker student performance too. This involves mental game training and a focus on the financial and emotional intangibles of the game so players become the best versions of themselves through coaching and mentorship.

Comprehensive Poker Coaching for Better Decision-Making and Self-Care

At its core, PTO Poker stands for using poker as a vehicle to better oneself and to take better care of oneself. These improvements can range from releasing tilt effectively to managing money sensibly to developing a more robust and level-headed decision-making style. They may include developing an exercise regimen, a healthy diet, and a meditation practice, with poker time serving as a reward for doing this hard and essential pregame work. Other improvements may involve learning to win more humbly and lose more gracefully. Make no mistake: At PTO Poker, you will learn the proper preflop ranges, essential poker math, and the best flop, turn, and river frequencies to upgrade your technical strategy. But if you are serious about realizing your potential, both on and off the felt, you won’t neglect the other core essentials of the game. By coming to PTO Poker for training, you will be held accountable for optimizing yourself as a player. This also just so happens to be the surest way to maximize your paid time off.

Contact Joel Wald today at or book a free 30-minute Zoom call to discuss how PTO Poker can help you achieve your poker goals!


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