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The #1
Player Theory Optimal Training Site

Player Theory Optimal (PTO) transcends Game Theory Optimal (GTO) poker strategy.

We go beyond GTO strategy with Player Theory Optimal coaching and 

instructional videos.

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Learn all the skills you need to successfully move from 1/2 to 10/25 NLHE with the help of a professional poker crusher. You can learn more about Coach Joel here.


Dominate 1/2 and 2/5 NLHE games after watching these instructional videos on proven, essential strategies. A full review of the course is provided here.

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Improve your poker game as efficiently as possible by submitting a large sample of online poker data to a professional poker player with a master's degree in data analytics.

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Do you feel like the same player keeps owning you in every big pot? Submit 5 hands and receive an analysis report explaining how you are being exploited along with all the right adjustments. 

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Coach Joel has been featured on leading poker websites.